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Systems Hadley Sawmill has installed. IMPORTANT NOTE! In Missouri, every utility seems to have different requirements for grid tie architecture. Do not assume your system should exactly match how any one of our installations is designed. CHECK WITH YOUR UTILITY! We are now a registered dealer for solar panels and inverters. OUR PRICING IS very competitive because we don't need to make large profit from sales. We have almost zero overhead. Panels start at $0.76 per watt when we combine orders to get full pallets or drop ship full pallets. EOPLLY 230W panel is just $174.80 plus shipping. Our SMA inverters are as low or lower priced than any advertised pricing. 1-573-546-7331. Leave a message and I can call you back when I'm not running the sawmill.

9/20/2009. This is the Brubaker installation. 18 Sun Tech 175 Watt panels. Off grid system using batteries, Outback inverters and charge control, solar, and a backup propane 10 KW generator.













 9 KW solar array in Puxico MO, connected to SMA Sunny Boy 8000US grid tie.










St. Genevive, MO 5 KW Eoplly panels on one SB4000US inverter.


The solar system is so awesome. Yesterday it was extremely cloudy and still produced some electric, 4.0 KWH, which I didn't think it would produce anything. The pac watts at the high (overcast-11:00 am) 575 watts. My husband told me that if I keep monitoring the system he's going to have to poor a concrete walkway to the meters and inverter. I will admit there's a pretty good path that I am wearing in the yard. I want to thank you so much without your help I would not have been able to afford and install the solar system. I can't thank you enough for your time, patience and overwhelming knowledge. In a few weeks I am going to get the solar system started at the farm. I would also like to install a solar tracker system at my husband's place, but I need to save up some $$'s and hopefully install it sometime late 2013 summer. Again as always thanks for your time and thank your wife for me. I'm still grinning from ear to ear, and very proud.


2/17/2013 UPDATE  Anne's system generation meter now has the same value as the house usage meter! That is one great thing about the three meter style. It is so easy to see how great solar works, if done well!









7.59 KW Farmington MO. AMEREN utility. 5/28/2013. SB7000TL.

This customer is a retired union carpenter. We designed and he is building the rack to save a lot of money. This rack can hold three strings of 11 230W panels. I estimate this rack would cost $9,000 to have it contracted. By building with his labor, he reduced his out of pocket expenses for the whole 7KW system to $2,000 after the rebate is deposited.











JUNE 2013. We have started construction of a primary home power supply for a brand new off grid residence.  5520 watt PV, Sunny Island 6048 with Outback wave former to supply 240VAC power to a new home. Also using the brand new Sunny Boy 5000TL with AC power supply for grid outage daylight power. This enables the off grid homeowner a daylight only power supply even in the event of a catastrophic failure of their core inverter system. How cool is that? Kudos to SMA!! The  home owner will have access to the entire status of their off grid system from anywhere their smart phone works.











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