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After just four days and only 0.95 KWh of turbine generation the battery soc value is way off. The soc says 51%, but the battery voltage is 49.6, indicating at least 75% soc. There was no discrepancy while the turbine was broken and the SI was under 'shunt off' setting for several days. I also think it is time to reprogram the peak charge settings to a lower value to maintain the AGM batteries preventing overcharging. 11/15 is a record day for turbine generation!! Note 11/20/08 I have always had the system programmed for a 60 mv shunt and it was a 50 mv shunt. That is why the compiler needed recalibrating all the time, duu!

11/1 8:55 The soc said 22% and the voltage was 48.8 with a 12 amp demand so that just can't be right, re-commissioned new battery without the shunt and turned off the wind turbine.  There is something wrong with the shunt. I have reprogrammed the battery charging parameters to lower the charge voltage to 56 for boost, 55.5 for full, and left it 54 for float. I also cut the times in half for boost and full.  I have cut the voltage rise for temp drop from 4mv/Degree C to 2. Reasons being the system seems to charge up the soc just as fast on 54V float as 57.6 V full and boost. Now there will be less stress on the VRLA AGM batteries that are temperamental to over charging since there is no way to refill if they loose some gas to overcharging.  PV production 13.33 KWh. Warter at 55C. Battery soc 93% Wind turbine turned off.

11/2 PV production 12.21 KWh. Battery soc 89%. Water at 42C.

11/3 PV production 14.2 KWh. Battery soc 95% Water at 58C. Lowering the max charge voltage to 56V and halving the duration of boost and full charge has not interfered in the least with getting a full charge in by the end of the day.

11/4 PV production 13.3 KWh. Battery soc 95%. Water at 66C. Turbine still off but I ordered a new shunt to see if I can get it recording properly to use it.

11/5 PV production 13.71 KWh. Battery soc 94%. Water at 63C. I turned on the turbine at 15:00 hours and won't record the generation until tomorrow. 15 MPH South wind forecast all night.

11/6 PV production 5.73 KWh. Turbine production 3.75 KWh. Battery soc 88% Water at 52C. Cloudy till 13:00.

11/7 Morning battery soc at 72%. PV production 9.05 KWh. Turbine production 5.70 KWh. battery soc 86%. water at 48C.

11/8 Morning battery soc 74%. PV production 3.18 KWh. Turbine production 6.05 KWh. Battery soc 67%. Water to cold to take a shower. Turned on grid power at 18:31. The SI is not compiling the turbine production. I guess I'll order the new shunt Monday. Switched back to RE at 21:00. Cloudy all day.

11/9 The winds are generous lately. Another 3 KWh over night. PV production 9.06 KWh. Turbine production 4.49 KWh. Water at 46C. The system entered Battery preservation mode at 21:00. Switched to grid and electric water heater. Recalibrated battery, re entered all new charge parameters and shunt. Re zeroed shunt. Set Parameter memory to setting one and recorded. The batteries weren't empty, the system thought so because of the good turbine generation and poor solar generation lately.

11/10 On grid power, maybe for the day and next couple days as a rain event lasting a couple days is arriving tonight. I will let the system charge up to find its balances after recalibrating the battery memory again. PV production 9.09 KWh. Turbine production 0.06 KWh.

11/12 PV production 4.31 KWh. Turbine production 3.18 KWh.

11/13 PV production 0.5 KWh. Turbine production 0.19 KWh.

11/14 Switched to RE at 9:30. PV production 4.99 KWh. Turbine production 0.15 KWh. Water at 40 C.

11/15 The wind turbine is finally doing very well with 18 MPH and greater winds from the NW. Battery soc up to 86% from 67% last night. Had to turn on electric water heater at 9:20 to soak up the turbine generation as it is generating so strong now as to reg off. Since it is very cloudy I might as well make hot water with the extra turbine generation. COOL!!!! Finally feel vindicated after a long summer of little turbine generation. The turbine generation from 21:00 last night to 9:32 today is 14.5 KWh. 9:47, the hot water heater has cycled through and turned off. We now have water heated by the cold winter wind! PV production 1.44 KWh. Turbine production 21.49 KWh.!! Water heated three times by the electric hot water heater. Battery soc now off by at least 10%. The new shunt should correct this, but not here yet. The old shunt took a hit of high amperage which melted the solder in it so I think this probably messed up the accuracy, happened back when I originally installed it. I will hold off recalibrating the batteries until the new shunt gets here, if possible. Also, I think the battery amperage off set is set incorrectly from the factory at 0.0, and should be the sum of the two SI's idling without generation or load, in fact this may be all that's wrong but with the mistake that shot high amperage through the shunt before it was connected I want to replace it.

11/16 PV production 15.97 KWh. Turbine production 4.26 KWh. water at 45C. Battery soc at 86%. And electric hot water tank hot.

11/17 Morning battery soc at 70%, 3.8 KWh from the turbine overnight. PV production 6 KWh. Turbine production 6.14 KWh.

11/18 Switched to grid to heat water at 5:35. Switched back at 6:50. It would sure be nice to grid interactive. PV production 11.13 KWh. Turbine production 0.03. Water at 58C. Battery soc 89%

11/19 PV production 11.23 KWh. Turbine production 0.16 KWh. Water at 53C. Replaced battery shunt at 16:00. WOW! The old shunt is a 50 MV unit and I have been programming for a 60 MV all along. No wonder it was compiling wrong.

11/20 Early am, good turbine generation. It looks like we need at least 14 MPH winds to do any good generating. Heated water with electricity from the wind turbine because there isn't enough sun to heat water today but there is enough wind to heat water for tonight. PV production 4.42 KWh. Turbine production 7.56 KWh. Heated water today with wind power. Battery soc 84% and climbing at 16:15.

11/21 A.M. battery soc 74%. PV production 10.83 KWh. Turbine production 6.76 KWh. Water at 54C. Moved tracker rack to the lowest zenith setting and saw the output climb from 1363/1379 to 1412/1429 watts. Bat soc 88%

11/22 Switched to grid at 8:30. 57% bat soc and cloudy.

11/23 Switched to RE at 8:30. PV production 11.53 KWh. Turbine production 0.16 KWh. Heated water with solar electricity. The solar hydronic never heated today.

11/24 PV production 7.62 KWh Turbine production 7 KWh. Hot water at 51C.

11/25 PV production 11.22 KWh Turbine production 5.11 KWh Hot water at 63C.

11/26 PV production 14.63 KWh Turbine production 0.00 KWh Hot water at 59C.

11/27 PV production 14.22 KWh Turbine production 0.41 KWh

11/28 PV production 5.22 KWh Turbine production 0.40 KWh. Switched to grid at 18:00. Winter storm expected, cloudy, and I want full batteries in case of grid outage.

11/29 PV production 1.77 KWh. Turbine production 0.11 KWh

11/30 PV production 0.38 KWh. Turbine production 2.36 KWh The wind is blowing enough that I switched to RE at 19:00

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