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Generating with two trackers, total 3100 watts, the turbine is back up the last day of June, but untested. Solar hydronic hot water operational. Air conditioner split out on grid full time but last month only used 380 KWH total from grid, 75% less than one year ago, and about half that was water heating before solar hot water was operational. Had to switch to grid only twice last month because of weather related low generation, but a turbine working would have helped both times. Still no cooperation from the power company to allow us to connect grid tie without one million dollars of liability exposure and exposed to any possible charge of fault at their choosing, plus all court and attorney fees beyond one million. As much as I want to grid tie, I don't think I can sign that contract. I have little doubt the system now installed would offer 0 electric cost year round  if grid tied. 3100 watts tracker mounted or 4300 watts stationary panels.

7/1 The turbine has been in the air for 24 hours now and I think it still does not work. Total turbine production for the day is .05 KWh. Not real windy. PV production 20.73 KWh.

7/2 Finally, the turbine now generates the proper voltage. If it works right today I have to re-level the tower and tighten before the predicted storms this evening. Ross Taylor of SWWP was very supportive, thanks. PV production 17.76 KWh. Turbine production on a fairly windy day 0.67 KWh. I still think something is wrong with the turbine or the charge controller.

7/3 6:00, Battery soc 76%. There must have been wind last night, the peak register says 3250 watts, total register shows .58 KWh. I reset the peak and won't reset the total till tonight when I log the production.

Finally back after dealing with a hacker that resulted in the loss of our site architecture. For the rest of July the solar arrays and system performed flawlessly delivering ample power to run our home. The turbine finally works flawlessly. But this time of year there is very low generation. Between 7/1 and 8/4, we have had 13 KWh generated, but usually it is just at the right times to help boost the system. The solar water heaters work really well, having ample hot water every day. So now we fast forward to next month and begin the journal again.


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