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One more note; We don't have a proper battery bank yet!

I started the system full time December 24, 2007. Finally have all settings perfect January 14, 2008. We had to wait on tech support to help reprogram parameters for our individual requirements. It will be sketchy for a few days. It's now 01/20/08. Full production about 9:00 and drops off 15:30 hours. 177 KWh total 1/14 - 1/31/08. Remember, only 1/3 of our generation is on line, and this journal only shows two weeks production. Total production from inverter records, 12/24/07 - 1/31/08 shows 299 KWh. Our electric bill is 300 KWh lower than last year January.

 01/14/08 Sunny day all day. Produced 21.5 KWh with two trackers. 

01/15/08 Cloudy all day. The trackers never moved but still generated 400-500 watts all day.

01/16/08 Much like yesterday.

01/17/08 Cloudy till 14:00, then sunny and the trackers came around and filled with sun till 15:30 hours.

01/18/08 Sunny all day. Produced 19.5 KWh. Electric Utility visited today. Good Tour. Now have the state wide connection contract.

01/19/08 Sunny all day and cold. Produced 22 KWh. At production maximum the two trackers were generating 2960 watts. The PV panels are rated maximum 130wX24=3120 watts.

01/20/08 Switched to green power at 6:00. The Sunny Boys have started at 7:30 @ 7 watts each. 17.4 KWh today. 15:31 and almost finished for the day. Mostly sunny today. Switched back to grid power early, at 15:00. Rita washed and dried two loads of wash today. I think I'll keep track of the grid power used at night too. The grid meter - 152 at switchover. Power Generated by the Trackers;  17.5 KWh.

01/21/08 Grid meter 186. 32 KWh grid provided, over night. Not surprising with an electric heater in the bathroom and hot water. Both will be changed soon. 8:20 hours, the Sun's first kiss of the morning for our Trackers,  they turn to greet the day. Switched to Solar power at 8:22 hours. The Trackers are running the house, (21 square foot ref., Energy Star bench freezer, Coffee, two fans, the inside control center with two way satellite connection, twinkle lights, work area lights, and, socking a combined 1700 watts into the batteries. The next cloudy day is expected after four days of sun. A front came in at 13:30 hours and I switched to Grid Power to keep my battery at 82%, up from 40% this morning. Produced 18 KWh today. Worked on Wind Turbine Tower Footings all day. The mast footing is ready for concrete. Five to go, four anchors and the anchor for a snatch block facing a cliff that prevents driving directly away from the mast base, to pull the tower upright.

01/22/08 Clouds all day. The Trackers didn't move to the sun till 11:00 hours when some broken clouds exposed the Sun. Now generating and charging around 400 watts in overcast conditions. It will be good to have the wind turbine on line. Its really windy at the tower construction site. On grid power all day. I will wait till tomorrow morning to switch to solar. The wind turbine would have powered Earthbilly House all day. Solar power put only a couple KWh into the batteries because the system is on battery charge 'float', and the batteries are 80%. Hind sight says, "Should have powered the house all day, anyway."

01/23/08 Sun expected all day. 8:00 hours switched to solar power. Grid meter 273. Switched back to grid 17:01 hours. PV production floated at 11 KWh, due to full batteries and low demand today. Windy.

01/24/08 Switched to Green Energy at 5:00 hours. Grid Meter 296, 23 KWh burned overnight, $1.84; hot water, 900 w heater, and the regular 400 w used in fans and lights at night. Very Windy. The complete Green Energy system fully installed should supply 40+ KWh in sunlight and 20 + KWh more with an average wind. PV panel production for the day; 20.2 KWh. Powered water heater all day and socked the batteries 20% up. Switched back to grid at 18:00 hours. I found that our electric 240 Vac oven uses 200 watts all the time, even when off. I couldn't test the 240 Vac circuits with the Kill-A-Watt meter. I'll be glad when the LP range is finally set up. Thinking of running water heater during the day instead of from the grid at night. Ran the steel fabrication shop today on GREEN Power for the first time, making hardware for the turbine tower guy wire tie downs, too cold to work at the tower site. Ran 1/2" drill press, saws, and grinders without difficulty.

01/25/08 Back on Green Power 6:16 hours. Grid meter 312, 16 KWh grid power overnight. Cloudy morning. Back to grid power 8:00 hours because the batteries are low and only 300 watts generation. 2 KWh PV production for the day. The wind turbine would have generated all day, if finished.

01/26/08 Grid meter 385. Switch to Green Power at 9:43 hours. 13.6 KWh PV production. Hot water and all, ran today. Clouds till 9:40 hours then hazy clear day similar to summer humidity haze. Switch back to grid power 19:00 hours.

01/27/08 Grid meter 395. Switch to Green Power at 6:47 hours. Two days of clouds expected so I switched to Grid at 15:18 hours after running the water heater one last time on Green Power. I'll let the rest of the sun top off the batteries. PV generation 18.5 KWh.

1/28/08  Switched to Solar power 11:30 hours. Cloudy day and the panels are still keeping up with the house demand. Grid meter 426. Back to grid at 14:17 hours. Getting darker as a cold front moves in and my better 2/3rds is baking goodies for a party tomorrow. Winds constant at 20 mph. Too bad the turbine is still in the box. Working on the anchor forms and grounding. PV production 2 KWh.

1/29/08  Ran on grid power all day. PV production 3 KWh. Cloudy all day. Very windy. We expect to pour tower anchor concrete within one week. All the wiring and electronics are ready. All the tower hardware is painted and ready. Just two of five forms to go.

1/30/08  Looks like it's going to be a good Solar Day. Switch to Solar Power 6:30 hours. Grid meter 490. PV production 19 KWh. Back to grid at 17:00 hours. Only one more tower anchor form to build.

1/31/08  Snow and clouds all day. Stayed on the grid. Again, enough wind to run the turbine, if completed.

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