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I have grown fond of the wind turbine again. Planning to extend the tower 30 feet early this year, raising the turbine stator to 96 feet above the ground to reduce turbulence, improve performance, and hopefully pick up the summer south winds.

1/1 Turbine giving a great boost to the system at 6:37. PV production 14.44. Turbine production 0.35. Oddly, no hot water was made today by the solar hydronics.

1/2 had to switch to grid for heating water at 5:26. Switched back at 6:30. PV production 12.22 KWh. Turbine production 0.63 KWh.

1/3 PV production 0.45 KWh. Turbine production 0.43 KWh. Switched to grid at 16:30 and back to RE at 19:00 with increasing wind generation.

1/4 The photo at left is the turbine generating power today, a very cloudy day, keeping us powered up and off grid. PV production 4.59 KWh. Turbine production 8.21 KWh.

1/5 PV production 2.11 KWh. Turbine production 2.12 KWh. Switched to grid at 6:30 for hot water and stayed on grid all day.

1/6 PV production 0.537 KWh. Turbine production 0.05 KWh. Still on grid power.

1/7 On grid power but the wind has picked up with partly sunny sky predicted this morning. Switched to RE at 9:00. This is one of those 5.2 KW generation days, wind and sun. PV production 9.94 KWh. Turbine production 2.83 KWh. Battery soc at 94%. Hot water at 47C., usable. I ordered the rigging to add 30 feet of height to our turbine tower putting the turbine shaft at 96' above ground.

1/8 Another 4KW+ generation morning. PV production 15.8 KWh. Turbine production 4.37 KWh.

1/9 PV production 14.28 KWh. Turbine production 0.74 KWh.

1/10 great turbine production pre-dawn, cloudy conditions. PV production 1.22 KWh. Turbine production 12.06 KWh. Heating water with the electric heater.

1/11 6:31, Looks like a clear cold morning. Plenty of power generation in a couple hours. PV production 15.96 KWh. Turbine production 3.98 KWh.

1/12 PV production 5.7 KWh. Turbine production 0.71 KWh.

1/13 5:22, very windy, already over 6 KWh. Turned on the electric hot water heater and the coffee pot. The wind turbine is great to have. The hardware to raise it 30 feet is on the way. PV production 11.22 KWh. Turbine production 10.77 KWh.

1/14 PV production 11.7 KWh. Turbine production 4.50 KWh. Hardware to raise tower arrived today. Hot water made today.

1/15 Good winds all night producing 8 KWh by morning. 9:56, PV generating 3200 watts, at times peaking above full rated power. 6 degrees F. PV production 17.2 KWh. Turbine production 8.73 KWh. Oddly, no hot water made today.

1/16 Switched to grid at 6:00 to heat water. Plenty of power except for this hot water issue. I will start work on the solution in about two weeks. Stayed on grid power all day. PV production 0.24 KWh. Turbine production 0.82 KWh.

1/17 Still on grid at 3:35, had to get up and work on the wood fires. Extreme cold for a fourth day. PV production 11.95 KWh. Turbine production 1.07 KWh.

1/18 Nice wind generation all night. Only lost 7% battery soc with four air circulating fans on all night and the regular bug traps, frig, freezer, etc. PV production 7.22 KWh. Turbine production 11.55 KWh.

1/19  4:38, Nice four digit wind generation this morning. I made a major change to the hot water system this morning. Connected the demand of the solar heater tank to the supply of the electric heater tank. I have to heat most of my water with electric anyway this winter so at least the solar hydronic will act as a pre heater for the supply to the electric heater. PV production 11.05 KWh. Turbine production 7.35 KWh.

1/20 PV production 5.18 KWh. Turbine production 7.47 KWh.

1/21 PV production 11.56KWh. Turbine production 0.21 KWh.

1/22 PV production 12.21 KWh. Turbine production 0.27 KWh.

1/23 PV production 4.66 KWh. Turbine production 1.25 KWh. Switched to grid from 5:00 to 9:00.

1/24 Good wind generation overnight. PV production 15.7 KWh. Turbine production 9.20 KWh. The batteries are cold, -2.5 C., and it is effecting the operation considerably. Switched to grid power at 21:00 so as not to tax the batteries too much. Without good wind generation to off set the demand at night, the batteries are straining to keep up overnight supply.

1/25 PV production 0.34 KWh Turbine production 0.22 KWh. Welded the new tower pipe section together and added the four guy eyes. Ready to take the tower down and add 30 feet. On grid power all day.

1/26 PV production 1.26 KWh Turbine production 0.27 KWh. I let down the wind turbine today to install the extra 30 feet of tower. On grid power all day. The battery soc has recovered from 38% on 1/24, 21:00, to 64% with not much wind and very cloudy conditions. 38% is the lowest battery soc since commissioning. I would estimate I am loosing 30% of my battery soc capacity from the cold this winter. I think this brings up putting the batteries in a heated environment.

1/27 PV production 0.31 KWh. Sleet and snow all day and evening. The solar hydronic tank temp is 19 C.

1/28 PV production 11.95 KWh.

1/29 PV production 17.75 KWh

1/30 PV production 8.2 KWh. Replaced the tank sensor for the solar hydronic system. Picked up the last of the parts needed to finish turbine mast.

1/31 PV production 8.39 KWh. Solar hydronic storage tank raised from 16C to 37C. This is the first time the DELTA Value seems to work right. It was the tank sensor all along. The tank sensor was bad when it arrived new. Now I know!

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