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February 2008  On to March  Back to Journal Index   Home  Still only 1/3 generation. With a grid tie system you won't need to manually switch. Its all automatic, and no batteries unless you want backup power. Proper battery bank not installed yet.

2/1/08 The four inch snow melted off the trackers quickly when the sun came out about noon and our PV panels socked 7 KWh into the batteries. The temperature never went over freezing all day.

2/2/08 Full sun contact now at 08:24 hours. I'll wait a few minutes to switch to solar, some low mist over the mountain. We are generating 1100 watts already. Switched to solar power 08:30 hours with 2300 watts and climbing. Arrangements for our Net Meter are getting closer. PV production today 17 KWh. Two loads of wash and two loads in the dryer, hot water, and cooking. Switched to grid at 16:30 hours. Used yesterdays generation today, total usage was 24 KWh. It will really be something with the turbine in and another 2800 watts from the third bank of PV panels. The wind at the turbine site has blown all day and continues to blow this evening at 10 mph+, the weakest in several days. Snow at the site stops all work for now. It should be gone tomorrow.

2/3/08 Rain expected to move in at noon. I'll stay on grid so the batteries charge up. Again, enough wind in the forecast to run everything on a turbine. PV production 1.1 KWh.

2/4/08 Heavy clouds and rain all day, and wind. 3.6 KWh PV generation.

2/5/08 Heavy clouds and storms. Wind at 11 mph +. PV production 3.5 KWh

2/6/08 Heavy clouds expected all day, and 19 mph wind gusting higher. Slated to pour concrete for the turbine tower Friday, in two days. PV production 2.5 KWh. Finished anchor forms. Moving up concrete delivery one day.

2/7/08 Pouring concrete today for Turbine tower anchors. Concrete IN! Sun today. Batteries full. Light winds. PV production 10 KWh.

2/8/08 Switched to solar power 06:30. 12 mph winds forecast next 24 hours. PV production 7.1 KWh. On battery mode float. Switched back to grid 18:00 hours.

2/9/08 17 mph winds forecast today, and sunny. It's going to be tuff to wait to put up the turbine! (for concrete to cure) Switch to solar power 6:36 hours. PV production 16 KWh. 19 mph winds forecast all night. Switch to grid at 19:00 hours.

2/10/08 Windy. Switched to solar power 08:20 hours. PV production 14 KWh.  Back on grid at 16:10 hours. Switched back to grid early because of a forecasted two days of clouds.

2/11/08 Enough wind to spin the turbine. Cloudy and ice storm expected. If the wind is 8 mph all day, the turbine will produce as much electricity as the 3000 watt PV panels in 7 hours of sun. That is more than I need for Earthbilly Manor. There has only been a couple days in the last month and a half that the wind was below this value. Quite a thunder-ice-sleet-snow-ice event. Plenty of wind to run the house off turbine power IF the turbine was in. Assembled the turbine head and tail today!

2/12/08 The batteries charged some even though its very cloudy all day. PV production 1.2KWh Four inches of sleet covers the ground.

2/13/08 Switched to green power 08:30 hours. I can't believe my eyes! The trackers are outputting 1805 and 1804 watts each. It's barely 11:30 hours and already over 10 KWh for the day! I bragged and now the broken clouds roll in. Obviously this   overproduction is due to the "White-out" from ice on the ground and sun bright high pressure frigid air. 12:35 hours and this phenomenon is still going on. So far we have utilized all overproduction. At times the SB 1800 inverters are running on Mpp-overpower. 13:11 hours, clouds have thickened, putting an end to the reflected light anomaly. PV production 14 KWh. Switched back to grid 16:30 hours.


2/14/08 Switch to PV power at 08:10 hours. Back on grid 15:00 hours.  PV production 19.4 KWh. It's interesting to note the power handled by the Sunny Islands registers 24 KWh. The difference is the power into the batteries plus the power used out of the batteries during demand higher than PV production through the day. The power is only generated the PV panels and excess is stored sometimes and extra is needed by the demand sometimes. This accounts for the discrepancy between values.

2/15/08 PV production 19.5 KWh Switch to solar at 08:00 Switch back to grid at 15:45.

2/16/08 Heavy clouds all day. PV production 2 KWh. Strong winds all day.

2/17/08 Heavy rains forecast all day along with 22 mph winds, decreasing to 16 mph this evening.

2/18/08 Looks like a great Solar Day. The batteries are nearly full but I will wait until the sun strikes our trackers to switch because we have a second electric heater going in the pump house to create proper conditions for my Zymology laboratory. This heater too, will be phased out with the installation of our solar electric powered wood fired water jacket furnace. Switch to solar power 07:51 hours. I am very happy with the output of our 24 KC 130 watt PV panels, to keep up with a water heater, two electric heaters, office power, Ref, freezer, and all the food prep. Switch back to grid 15:05 hours. PV production 15 KWh. If I can do all that now, the studio roof panels will generate enough to store for the night time. The Sunny Boy inverters were again running at Mpp-Peak with 1,700+ watts being generated per 1,560 watt rated panel string. Very little ice on the ground now, curious. I did not see this happen with colder temperatures earlier in January. Daytime temperatures just above freezing. Windy.

2/19/08 Switch to solar power at 08:13. PV production 18.8 KWh. The extra large liquid space heater in the pump house is proving the system. Proving that it is too much with the dryer and hot water going too. The system handles the load fine but my battery is insufficient. Switched to the grid at 14:00 hours with a low battery. The rest of the day charged the battery right back up to 86%. The third bank of panels will really make a difference, as will the turbine. Windy all day. I think the 16 marine deep cycle batteries are 1/2 the capacity I should have for just the two trackers at 3100 watts total. That means I should have five to six times this for the whole system.

2/20/08 Had to go to a meeting all day today and stayed on the grid because the large space heater must stay on. Sunny Day. The batteries toped off full and the Sunny Islands derated the Sunny Boy tracker arrays output to zero. PV production 3.6 KWh.

2/21/08 One week to go and I can assemble the tower mast. Ice storms expected for two days. The concrete has been protected by thermal blanket and covered with four inches of ice most of the two weeks it's been done. I still have not seen the anchors since we covered them with blanket. PV production 1.8 KWh.

2/22/08 Iced in, in the middle of the forest. PV production 1.49 KWh. The trackers have a visible coat of ice and still they produce in dark, cloudy, snowy conditions. !!Thank you!! for the special Sunny Island battery voltage shunt to better monitor wind turbine generation!!! And send it to the net meter as AC!

2/23/08 Switch to solar power at 09:00 hours. Clouds came in at 13:00 and switched back to grid at 15:00 hours. PV production 7.5 KWh.

2/24/08 More snow. Calm Winds. PV production 1.3 KWh. Cloudy.

2/25/08 Clouds forecast all day with 14-21 mph winds. PV production 2.4 KWh.

2/26/08 Very windy. PV production 3.5 KWh. Cloudy except for one hour. Grid power failed for several hours today from high winds and a falling tree, switched to battery power until grid power returned. Perfect!!!

2/27/08 Cloudy till 12:30 hours and switched to solar at 12:45 hours. Windy. Switched back to grid at 16:00 hours. PV production 9 KWh. Plans are unfolding to pick up the wind turbine tower pipe on 3/3/08, and begin assembly. As it turns out it was easy to wait for concrete curing to begin tower construction, the weather has been so wintry, haven't even seen the new concrete under the thermal blankets, !yet!

2/28/08 Switch to solar power at 07:51 hours. Powering the house and charging 400 w. PV production 9 KWh. Switch back to grid 12:00 hours because of clouds.

2/29/08 Switch to solar at 07:57 hours. Switched back to grid at 18:00 hours. PV production 9 KWh.

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