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The problem with battery soc compiling is fixed, all turbine generation is now accrediting properly! The thing now is just a tiny bit of ice stops all turbine generation until it melts off.

12/1 5:14, The wind turbine is generating 2000+ watts and lower with winds at 12 gusting to 19 mph. With no sun for three days the system is powering our home on winter wind alone!! Now the turbine is a good investment!! Too bad the summer has such weak winds and the winter winds only last 3-4 months. Still the turbine is very important this time of year or I would be on grid without it right now. If I could do over anything I would now invest in the 7.5 KW Bergey. Anything smaller is a toy. PV production 0.22 KWh. Turbine production 11.80 KWh

12/2 PV production 13.37 KWh. Turbine production 0.42 KWh

12/3  Switched to grid at 6:30.  PV production 0.43 KWh. Turbine production 2.14 KWh Switched to RE at 20:00 with increasing winds from the North.

12/4 4:00, great wind generation. I heated the electric water heater and turned on all the fans to circulate wood heated air around the house, cold winter wind bringing 18F outside. A rare day with good sun and good wind. PV production 16.04 KWh. Turbine production 13.27 KWh.

12/5 PV production 13.41. Turbine production 0.78 Plenty of hot water.

12/6 PV production 4.66 Kwh. Turbine production 9.99 KWh.

12/7 Some electrical shock to the turbine was registered at 7:13 hours. Clear skies, calm wind and -6C, no generation at the time of event. The com wire didn't drop out as the REG set points stayed the same. If the com wire is disconnected the REG set points fall back to factory preset. PV production 10.22 KWh. Turbine production 0.45 KWh.

12/8 PV production 8.30 KWh. Turbine production 2.51 KWh

12/9 PV production 0.29 KWh. Turbine production 3.37 KWh Switched to grid at 6:30 for hot water. Switched to RE at 16:42 with high winds making lots of power.

12/10 High winds all night but about midnight the turbine quit generating, completely. Switched to grid at 1:00. I suspect the turbine iced up. Very frustrating with such good generation winds currently and forecast all day.   PV production 1.02 KWh. Turbine BROKEN! Update: The turbine only iced up.

12/11 I installed a new Amana refrigerator yesterday. So far it uses 1/3 the power, 117 watts while running, of our 17 year old Kitchen Aid of the same size. PV production 12.77 KWh. I switched back to RE at 9:50. Not enough sun to heat our water so I may need to switch to grid for a while this evening to make hot water.

12/12 The Amana refer used 0.7 KWh in 24 hours compared to 3.7 KWh for the old Kitchen aid of the same size. This Amana is not an expensive model or an energy star. This model cost $900 compared to $1350 for the energy star model and the ES model only uses 0.1 KWh less per day. I used only 10% of my battery soc over night. A great reduction from the previous refer. ICE FELL OFF THE TURBINE AND IT STARTED SPINNING RIGHT AWAY! PV production 11.68 KWh. Turbine production 1.15 KWh Had enough solar hot water for the first time in days.

12/13  PV production 2.36 KWh. Turbine production 4.33 KWh. Switched to grid at 16:30 for hot water. Bat soc at 73%

12/14 Bat soc at 84.3%. Switched to RE at 8:27. Cloudy but high winds. I'm getting lots of turbulence from the south. Thinking of adding 49' to the tower. It is so light to raise at 65', I don't think it will be a problem, but I will increase the guy wires to 5 per side. Making 20 total guys. PV production 0.185 KWh. Turbine production 7.37 KWh. Switched back to grid at 14:22 to keep batteries topped off with winter storm approaching.

12/15 Ice has again stopped the turbine. So during lightning storms and ice storms the turbine goes off. That's a lot of wind that can't be used through the year. And the solar hydronic system sucks during this time of year. There must be a way to make steam for power generation and hot water. The wind speed and direction are perfect for our turbine and not a watt. That's the new name of our turbine, Notawatt. 14:27 and still iced up. PV production 1.36 KWh. Turbine still iced up. On grid all day. battery soc 89%. No sun in the forecast for several days and ice on the turbine.

12/16 The turbine spun up to 263 watts this morning, but offered no continuous generation. Ice developed and dampened any turbine generation again. PV production 1.22 KWh. Turbine iced up.

12/17 PV production 1.36 KWh. Turbine iced up. Note photo at left. This is all the ice necessary to cripple the turbine production. Still on grid power. The battery soc is at 89-90% in case we loose grid power too. I could run the house on conservation mode for three days with no sun and wind.

12/18 PV production 0.5 KWh. Battery soc 91% still on grid power. Turbine still iced up at 16:55.

12/19 Finally had a good rain that washed the ice off our turbine and it began generating again. Battery soc 92% at 5:47. Switched to RE at 7:01, after 5 days on grid power, clear skies and good wind this morning. The sun is up and our system is generating a combined 5000 watts at 8:22. Had to switch on the electric water heater for a load dump and the 900 watt space heater is on. PV production 10.33 KWh. Turbine production 3.74 KWh

12/20 6:45, Switched to grid to heat water this morning. Only lost 1% per hour last night out of the battery soc, no wind. I really need to address this hot water issue with a wood fired heater. Now if the wind turbine can keep from icing up again there are high winds forecast tonight and tomorrow. PV production 0.45 KWh. Turbine production 1.58 KWh and currently good generation.

12/21 Record setting production day. 5:45 and great turbine generation. Electric water heater on and 900/1500 watt space heater on to dump more electricity and needed as it is very cold, 14.57 KWh over night. Extra notes today at 7:00; Battery soc at sunrise 87.9%. Turbine watt counter since 16:45 last night 15.66 KWh and 1127 continuous average watt production 3329 watt peak generation. Outside temp 2F, -11C. 11:26 periods of 6000 watts total generation, Battery soc 92%. 15:09, PV tapering off for the evening, switched off load sheds, battery soc 93%. 16:06, PV production 16.92 KWh. Turbine production 20.71 KWh. Turbine today average generation 1065 watts, peak generation for the day 3522 watts, peak PV generation 3000 watts.

12/22 [6:42 Zero degrees F. Forced air fans ran at high all night. Turbine generation tapered off now. Battery soc 84.7%] PV production 15 KWh. Turbine production 9.55 KWh. Switched to grid at 17:00, bad weather expected and I want my batteries full when it gets here.

12/22 Switched to RE at 4:17 with renewed wind generation. Icing expected later today. 8:35, Icing has stopped the turbine generation. Switched back to grid power. PV production 0.45 KWh. Turbine production 3.36 KWh, all before 8:35.

12/23 PV production 0.38 KWh.

12/24 Ice has melted off the turbine last night, good generation winds predicted today. PV production 5.27 KWh. Turbine production 4.78 KWh.

12/25 Went to bed last night with 93% battery soc and this morning down to 53%, ?. It may be the cold batteries or something large is going on more than it's suppose to. The battery temp. is well below freezing. Switched to grid at 6:29 to heat water anyway. Clear sky so the PV should work this morning. Switched back to RE at 9:40. Found what used the extra power last night...left on several heat lamps all night in the pump house after switching to RE last night. Domestic hot water recovered today! PV production 17.17 KWh. Turbine production 0.94 KWh

12/26 PV production 0.235 KWh. Turbine production 5.87 KWh

12/27 PV production 0.24 KWh.

12/28 PV production for today 14.55 KWh. Turbine production two day 13.32 KWh.

12/29 PV production 12.9 KWh. Turbine production 0.47 KWh. When I arrived from work today the PV had lost it's charge of antifreeze. Apparently the controller faulted, stopped pumping and the panels boiled.

12/30 5:30 Well... what to do with the solar hot water system? There is a connection problem inside the controller. It is not the connections of the sensors themselves, rather a connection problem between the main connection block of the PLC and the back board. It has worked for some time without problem. I guess I will refill with water and hope enough antifreeze exists to protect the system from freezing and jam a stick back into the controller hoping to force connection. 7:19, repressurized the solarhydronic system and bled out the air from the top of both collector panel bleed valves. Very little air was found in the closed system. We will see how it works on this clear solar day. 42C, before today's sun. PV production 8.78 KWh. Turbine production 2.60 KWh. Hot water at 52C. PS, hydronic storage tank sensor was faulty since new, replaced it and all works now.

12/31 PV production 9.62 KWh. Turbine production 12.59 KWh. Plenty of hot water.

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