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SYSTEM DIAGRAM      Here is a wiring diagram of our complete system.

12/24/07 We ran our house on battery power for a while to make sure everything works, and it does. We want to make sure everything works properly before asking the power company for inspection and a net meter.

1/14/08 The system is fully functional, Split Phase 240 vac, PV only. WE HAVE GREEN POWER! 

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There are 16 batteries in this bank, two layers of eight. 900 AH@10 hr rate, 48 volt, 2,640 pounds of lead storage. It works very nicely for up to three days without any sun or wind, to 50% battery soc. It would work longer but if it drops to 50% soc, I switch to grid to make the batteries last for many years. I have only needed to do this twice, and just overnight, in the last two months. 6/9-8/9/08. If I let the system drop to about 40%, I would have never had to switch to grid power.

1/15/2009 After a year of use I would like at least eight more batteries in the bank, total 24 and 1350 AH at 10 Hr rate.

7/24/09 The last inverter, a SB 3000 US, to handle 2980 watts from the studio roof, is installed along with finishing all com bus conduit.

7/31/09 System is grid tied and feeding the grid!!!

Control Center Construction  page 1  page 2  page 3  page 4  page 5  page 6  page 7  Home   Solar Hot Water


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