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This is October 2009  Back to September  Forward to November Make sure you refresh your browser when you visit to see the latest data login. I record the net meter at sunrise so as to include the night time electric consumption and record the total grid feed just before turning in to include as much of the turbine generation as possible.

10/1 Net meter 999682. Total grid feed 12.58 KWh. Trackers 4.76, fixed array 4.52, total PV 9.28, turbine 3.3.

10/2 Net meter 999687. Total grid feed 49.69 KWh. trackers 21.39, fixed array 15.49, total PV 36.88, turbine 12.81

10/3 Net meter 999655. Total grid feed 38.76 KWh. trackers 21.22, fixed array 15.38, total PV 36.60, turbine 2.16.

10/4 Net meter 999635. Total grid feed 10.07 KWh. trackers 5.33, fixed array 4.74, total PV 10.07. turbine 0. Finally fired up the wood furnace.

10/5 Net meter 999644. Total grid feed 36 KWh. trackers 20.32, fixed array 14.78, total PV 35.10, turbine 0.90.

10/6 Net meter 999630. Total grid feed 14.00 KWh. trackers 3.43, fixed array 3.87, total PV 7.30, turbine 6.70.

10/7 Net meter 999632. Total grid feed 37.54 KWh. trackers 20.66, fixed array 14.87, total PV 35.53, turbine 2.01.

10/8 Net meter 999613. Total grid feed 4.26 KWh. trackers 0.90, fixed array 1.06, Total PV 1.96, turbine 2.30

10/9 Net meter 999632. Total grid feed 5.00 KWh. trackers 0.62, fixed array 0.76, total PV 1.38, turbine 3.62.

10/10 Net meter 999650. Total grid feed 35.60. Trackers 20.64, fixed array 14.76, total PV 35.40, turbine 0.20. Grid power has gone off for a couple seconds twice in three days and three times just this month. No faults or errors in our Sunny Islands as they disconnected and re connected properly. Thinking of switching the house to Protected Distribution Panel so the various unrelated systems don't need to be reset after, lately common, grid power failures. These quick grid failures are hard on the Energy Star refrigeration systems as they seem to overload and break circuits if they happen to be running when the grid failure happens. Our freezer in particular, if it is running when the power fails, it pulls 600 watts and blows it's fuse every time when the power returns. 8:03, manually switched house to PDP. Now we can sit down and watch a movie this weekend without it being interrupted by a two second grid failure and rebooting of the satellite TV which takes a few minutes. 

10/11 Net meter 999637. Total grid feed 36.07, trackers 19.91, fixed array 14.36, total PV 34.27, turbine 1.80.

10/12 Net meter 999619. Total grid feed 7.64 KWh, trackers 3.34, fixed array 3.70, total PV 7.04, turbine 0.60.

10/13 Net meter 999630. Total grid feed 6.60 KWh, trackers 1.18, fixed array 1.40, total PV 2.58, turbine 4.02

10/14 Net meter 999643. Total grid feed 3.58 KWh, trackers 1.50, fixed array 1.87, total PV 3.37, turbine 0.21.

10/15 Net meter 999664. Total grid feed 5.04 KWh, trackers 1.65, fixed array 2.09, total PV 3.74, turbine 1.30.

10/16 Net meter 999689. Total grid feed 8.15 KWh, trackers 2.76, fixed array 2.99, total PV 5.75, turbine 2.40. That was a long stretch of cloudy days!

10/17 Net meter 999704. Total grid feed 20.34 KWh, trackers 10.21, fixed array 7.63, total PV 17.84, turbine 2.5 KWh.

10/18 Net meter 999705. Total grid feed 34.63 KWh, trackers 20.16, fixed array 14.37, total PV 34.53, turbine 0.10.

10/19 Net meter 999690. Total grid feed 34.40 KWh, trackers 19.29, fixed array 13.78, total PV 33.07, turbine 1.33. The turbine turned its self off sometime early today because there was almost no generation when I got home after work and the turbine was stopped and there was sufficient wind to have made 4 or 5 KWh at least. The turbine's green charge light was on and the turbine was stopped as if the break was on and the monitor showed 0.0 volts and was unresponsive. I rebooted the charge control and it began working again. I think this is the third time it's acted up like this. Sunny day no lightning or storms.

10/20 Net meter 999673. Total grid feed 33.23, trackers 18.08, fixed array 13.37, total PV 31.45, turbine 1.78.

10/21 Net meter 999661. Total grid feed 8.22 KWh, trackers 4 KWh, fixed array 4 KWh, total PV 8, turbine .22 KWh.

10/22 Net meter 999677. Total grid feed 5.64 KWh, trackers 0.47, fixed array 0.56, total PV 1.03, turbine 4.61.

10/23 Net meter 999698. Total grid feed 13.65 KWh, trackers 3.54, fixed array 3.76, total PV 7.30, turbine 6.35.

10/24 Net meter 999717. Total grid feed 33.82, trackers 19.36, fixed array 13.65, total PV 33.01 Turbine 0.81.

10/25 Net meter 999707. Total grid feed 13.65, trackers 6.20, fixed array 5.25, total PV 11.45, turbine 2.20.

10/26 Net meter 999716. Total grid feed 4.80, trackers 2.19, fixed array 2.41, total PV 4.60, turbine 0.20.

10/27 Net meter 999734. Total grid feed 2.09, trackers 0.73, fixed array 0.96, total PV 1.69, turbine 0.40.

10/28 Net meter 999760. Total grid feed 6.55, trackers 2.87, fixed array 3.38, total PV 6.25, turbine 0.30.

10/29 Net meter 999772. Total grid feed 17.12, trackers 0.28, fixed array 0.32, total PV 0.60, turbine 16.52.

10/30 Net meter 999788. Total grid feed 6.79, trackers 1.42, fixed array 1.77, total PV 3.19, turbine 3.60. Just as I began to think the turbine was again worth it's weight, between 1:30 and 2:30 this morning it shorted out and stopped. It is not in the charge controller, it's somewhere north of the main disconnect. No lightning, only steady rain all night with high wind. 16:19, let down turbine and found water filling one prop and preventing rotation it was so out of balance. Took off prop and found large crack with water pouring out. Talked to Bo at Wind Energy and he is sending two new props and the new main bearings that have been making noise lately. Thank you SWWP for great tech and warranty support on this problem. Grid power failed today for about an hour and our system performed flawlessly, our home never loosing power or even flickering a light. The turbine is still shorted out. I'll need to trace the short tomorrow morning.

10/31 Net meter 999812. Total grid feed 30.93, trackers 17.92, fixed array 13.01, total PV 30.93, turbine failed. Used 130 KWh of excess generation this month. This has been the rainiest October on record, ever, busting the old record from 1918 by several inches of rain. The contract with our electric company to re use excess generation anytime within 12 months is the coolest condition of the agreement. I personally prefer this to receiving payment for residential over generation.  Leave cash payments for electric generation to the commercial installations! And let me reuse excess power generation anytime when needed at equal value! This is obviously the most cost effective system for all parties. I hope Missouri Legislators reads this! So now I need to go up the mountain to dismantle my turbine from the tower mast and find the short causing this latest round of turbine failure. I found some really cool insulated wire connectors at the electric supplier while getting parts for my current solar PV installation contract and will switch my turbine connections to these to make the constant reconnecting of the turbine to the wire inside the mast an easier thing to do. Two of three wires are shorted inside the stator and the third wire is shorted and melted at the yaw shaft, completely ruining the brand new yaw shaft I just replaced. The turbine is boxed and ready for it's fourth trip back and fourth to Flagstaff, AZ. My wire run down the mountain checks out without problems. All problems are in the turbine stator and yaw shaft, the stator bearings are bad, and one prop is so cracked it filled with water and was unbalanced, adding to the problems. This may be a record number of problems at once.

This is October 2009  Back to September  Forward to November Make sure you refresh your browser when you visit to see the latest data login.


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