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It looks like we will test micro turbines for Missouri Wind & Solar this month. We will replace one Renegade PMA with the new dual rotor PMA and test a Renegade PMA and the new dual Renegade PMA on the same tower, each with 11 blade fans. I have separate wiring for each turbine on the dual tower all the way to the control room and dual amp meters so we can see real time output of each turbine. I already tested various fan sizes, 6 blade through 13 blade and concluded the 11 blade does the best for high rpm needed for the current 48 vdc charge application. Lower voltage may have a different fan sweet spot. I have heard MW&S may add more windings to the 48 vdc stators. I know this will improve generation because very high rpm are needed to charge into my constant 52 vdc battery bank.

Here is a view of the 4 arrays totaling 60 solar panels and 9.6 KW, (so far). And the dual micro turbine tower. MW&S's Renegade PMA is designed and built in Missouri for wind turbine application. Bigger bearings, more coils in the stator, and the best micro turbine blades in the industry.

The dual PMA, , is installed at the left and the single Renegade, , is installed to the right. These are not standard PMA's, they have large bearings and many other features only found on Missouri made MWANDS PMA's


The dual PMA really generates twice the power, (AMPERAGE), as the single rotor PMA with the same 11 blade fan. The dual starts spinning as easy as the single! And with the possibility of doubling the voltage, 96 volts, it can be used with a Midnight Solar charge controller and Windy Girl voltage protector . This will allow us to program our charge curve to get the most out of every rotation of the micro turbine. I think we will still use an over voltage charge controller with dump load resistors to regulate charge if the grid is off.

June 2012 daily output. Red is wind power only, blue is wind and solar power.

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