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This month grid tie to the utility seems imminent. We have passed the Master Electrician inspection of our system, turned in the connection contract, and await a visit by the utility to install the specially programmed net meter. We will be the first customer to have a net meter in our CO-OP. We also expect to receive 16 STP 170 Watt solar panels on 7/2/09, and ordering two more Kyocera 135watt panels to fully load our system with 42 solar panels rated for a total 6,210 watts. The turbine is off line until I can re-hang the conduit inside the mast so it won't drop and kink the flex conduit at the bottom. UPDATE; The NET METER is in! 7/31/2009!

7/1 PV production 19.55 KWh. Water at 138 F.

7/2 PV production 19.93 KWh. Water at 132 F. Our solar panels arrived today from Miami. They sent the wrong connection wire. Our Solar Tech panels have the same connectors as our KC panels, not the new plug type. Called them to figure out what to do with wire I can't use that they said would work and noone checked to be sure it was right before sending it along. They chose this wire type and said it was correct. It's always something...the panels have MC3 connectors and the wire they sent has MC4 connectors. They said they would have to figure it out and call back.

7/3 PV production 19.65 KWh. Water at 130 F.

7/4 PV production 6.15 KWh. Water at 118 F.

7/5 PV production 3.71 KWh. Water at 100F. Switched to grid power at 19:39, battery soc at 43%, need some reserve in case of emergency.

7/6 Switched back to RE at 6:35. PV production 20.4 KWh. Water at 118F. Straightened out the wire and conduit in the base of the turbine and tilted it back up today. Not quite finished tightening and leveling, can finish it up tomorrow morning.

7/7 Turned on the turbine again. PV production 19.8 KWh. Turbine production 0.01 KWh. Water at 137F. The proper MC3 panel wire is on its way and ordered the last couple things needed to assemble the new solar panels together.

7/8 PV production 19.67 KWh. Turbine production 0.00 KWh. Water at 130F. Tilted the tracker zenith down one bolt hole today.

7/9 PV production 20.79 KWh. Turbine production 0.00 KWh. Water at 130F.

7/10 PV production 7.78 KWh. Turbine production 0.56 KWh. Water at 118F.

7/11 PV production 16.82 KWh. Turbine production 0.38 KWh. Water at 120 F.

7/12 PV production 5.35 KWh. Turbine production 0.37 KWh. Water at  108F.

7/13 PV production 11.33 KWh. Turbine production 0.21 KWh. Water at 119.2 F.

7/14 PV production 7.51 KWh. Turbine production 2.06 KWh. Water at 108F.

7/15 PV production 8.34 KWh. Turbine production 0.57 KWh. Water at 112F

7/16 PV production 14.84 KWh. Turbine production 0.09 KWh. Water at 118F.

7/17 PV production 13.68 KWh. Turbine production 7.22 KWh. Water at 141F.

7/18 PV production 11.85 KWh. Turbine production 2.31 KWh. Water at 126F. Preparing the wall to hang our SB 3000.

7/19 Still waiting on the last KC 135 panel to arrive, starting to repair the roof to install the panel rack on the studio roof. PV production 18.61 KWh. Turbine production 0.09 KWh. Water at 136 F.

7/20 PV production 14.83 KWh. Turbine production 0.48 KWh. Water at 120F.

7/21 PV production 3.08 KWh. Turbine production 5.62 KWh. Water at 100F. The turbine kept us powered up today.

7/22 PV production 8.13 KWh. Turbine production 1.56 KWh. Water at 93F.

7/23 PV production 20 KWh. Turbine production 0.15 KWh. Water at 130F.

7/24 PV production 18.45 KWh. Turbine production 0.53 KWh. Water at 128F. Making headway on the third array installation.

7/25 PV production 8.02 KWh. Turbine production 3.35 KWh. Water at 110F. The panel rack for the third array is complete, grounding is ready, (two ground rods to ground the panel frames), disconnect at the panels is finished, and the inverter is wired and ready. I have one tree to cut down before panels go up.

7/26 PV production 22.95 KWh. Turbine production 0.95 KWh. Water at 124F. Array 3 is wired and ready for first light in the morning. The Sunny Boy 3000 US is on and waiting for first light.

7/27 Array Three officially booted up 6:32, with the first DC power generated. Web Box communication is perfect! PV production 32.82 KWh. Turbine production 0.01 KWh. Water at 121F.

7/28 PV production 17.02 KWh. Turbine production 0.37 KWh. Water at 110F.

7/29 One month ago I submitted the completed grid tie contract. I am planning on stopping into the utility office today, unless I hear from them before I leave. The utility plans to install our net meter Friday, July 31, 2009!! PV production 23.23 KWh. Turbine production 0.03 KWh. Water at 125F.

7/30 PV production 5 KWh. Turbine production 0.01 KWh. Water at 112F. Ready as I will ever be for the net meter.

7/31 System re configured for grid and ready to grid tie. I'll take a picture when they put in the net meter. Forgot to take a picture, it was really busy with the testing and all. At noon we became a grid tied/net meter system. I run the house off the grid service and our system is 100% generating into the grid. PV production 27.74 KWh Turbine production 0.30 KWh. Grid net is 7 KWh in our favor. Usually use 4 overnight. Water at 125F.

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