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12/1 Net meter 999881. Grid feed 24.45 KWh, trackers 14.75, fixed array 9.70.

12/2 Net meter 999879. Grid feed 1.47, trackers 0.62, fixed array 0.85.

12/3 Net meter 999891. Grid feed 27.81 KWh, trackers 16.85, fixed array 10.96.

12/4 Net meter 999888. Grid feed 27.79 KWh, trackers 16.84, fixed array 10.95.  

12/5 Net meter 999883. Grid feed 28.20 KWh, trackers 17.20, fixed array 11.00.

12/6 Net meter 999880. Grid feed 5.61 KWh, trackers 2.49, fixed array 3.12.

12/7 Net meter 999897. Grid feed 9.99 KWh, trackers 5.47, fixed array 4.52.

12/8 Net meter 999910. Grid feed 0.70 KWh, trackers 0.29, fixed array 0.41.

12/9 Net meter 999936. Grid feed 12.90 KWh, trackers 7.10, fixed array 5.80. Using a lot of electricity to heat water, even on sunny days. Have an idea to hook up an old wood furnace with a hydronic coil and run it through the solar loop bypassing the collectors for heating the storage tank. Otherwise I need another PV array in winter to make enough power to offset the electric water heater operation. An extra 3 KWh per sunny day would do it. About another 1,000 watts of panels. Or I need to build a wood fire and heat my water. Or I need to install another 2 solar hydronic panels for winter. The least expensive is the most labor intensive. Installing more PV is the most versatile. A working wind turbine would be the solution! But even if it is repaired, how long till the next failure? And what about when turbine warranty expires? Many questions and one easy answer...PV! And wood fired backup!, since I live in the country. That's interesting, I just realized the added value of PV over solar hydronics, more versatile investment. It can run air in summer and hot water in winter. Provided you have a solar hydronic system designed for summer supply.

12/10 Net meter 999948. Grid feed 28.66 KWh, trackers 17.46, fixed array 11.20.

12/11 Net meter 999946. Grid feed 27.18 KWh, trackers 16.23, fixed array 10.95. The solar hydronics are maintaining almost 100F. with two sunny days in a row. Very cold weather, but clear.

12/12 Net meter 999942.Grid feed 4.70 KWh, trackers 2.15, fixed array 2.55.

12/13 Net meter 999960. Grid feed 4.96 KWh, trackers 2.28, fixed array 2.68.

12/14 Net meter 999975. Grid feed 11.97 KWh, trackers 6.62, fixed array 5.35.

12/15 Net meter 999988. Grid feed 23.93 KWh, trackers 14.33, fixed array 9.60.

12/16 Net meter 999988. Grid feed 27.60 KWh, trackers 16.78, fixed array 10.82.

12/17 Net meter 999985. Grid feed 14.99 KWh, trackers 8.52, fixed array 6.47. Finally arranged for Fed-Ex to pick up the turbine for warranty return to Wind Energy, on Monday, 12/21. The electrical brush policy of two major manufacturing companies in wood product equipment manufacturing have confirmed that potentially most of my problems with my Whisper 500 stator and yaw shaft failures can be traced to Wind Energy's lack of lubricant on the yaw shaft and accompanying brushes. When I get my turbine back from SWWP, I will use electrical grease on the yaw shaft before reassembly on the tower. I thought so!!!! So simple, it should be a crime not to grease electrical brushes.

12/18 Net meter 999994. Grid feed 6.25 KWh, trackers 3.28, fixed array 2.97.

12/19 Net meter 000018. Grid feed 0.70 KWh, trackers 0.29, fixed array 0.41.

12/20 Net meter 000054. Grid feed 5.74 KWh, tracker 2.94, fixed array 2.80.

12/21 Net meter 000083. Grid feed 9.85 KWh

12/22 Net meter 000097. Grid feed 4.12 KWh

12/23 Net meter 000136. Grid feed 0.92 KWh.

12/24 Net meter 000151. Grid feed 0.39 KWh.

12/25 Net meter 000177. Grid feed 4.47 KWh. The lack of wind power is now being felt. Our SWWP turbine is back at Flagstaff being repaired and an order is in for a Missouri Wind and Solar 12 blade turbine, raising our wind power to two turbines in about a month. I am going to perform several custom upgrades to my Whisper 500 before reinstalling to prolong it's reliability. 1.) paint the stator with special alternator paint that acts as a barrier to moisture and shorts, has been proven to stop existing shorts to repair windings. 2.) grease the slip rings and brushes on the yaw shaft. 3.) replace the charge circuit board, again, to stop the charge control from showing a green charge light while also dumping the power to the load dump. Really strange malfunction that was happening randomly and preventing charging during good wind days until I would check it, find it, turn off the power supply to the control to reboot it when the power was turned back on. There would be no indication at the remote control board of this occurring, it could only be detected by looking at the turbine stopped and the charge light on simultaneously. Come to think of it...the green charge light on the remote panel in the house has never lit green during charging and the push buttons don't work correctly, it has been malfunctioning also.  I think I'll get a new one before re-commissioning the repaired whisper.

12/26 Net meter 000227. Grid feed 12.33 KWh, Trackers 7.15, fixed array 5.18.

12/27 Net meter 000242. Grid feed 4.53 KWh, Trackers 1.96, fixed array 2.57.

12/28 Net meter 000252. Grid feed 21.79 KWh, trackers 12.71, fixed array 9.08.

12/29 Net meter 000262. Grid feed 19.59 KWh, trackers 11.13, fixed array 8.46.

12/30 Net meter 000269. Grid feed 0.53 KWh, trackers 0.32, fixed array 0.21.

12/31 Net meter 000295. Grid feed 1.61 KWh, trackers 0.64, fixed array 0.97.

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