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Link page to Monthly output graphs and per year. Here is a link to Yearly Production Graphs.

Monthly Power Output Pages;

 December 2007 through December 2008

January 2009 through December 2009  

Things get interesting in 2010 because I programmed Sunny Portal to show DC or wind generation as well as total output. Now we can see wind turbine output as a separate value.

January 2010 through December 2010

January 2011 through December 2011

January 2012 through December 2012

I reprogrammed Sunny Portal at the end of January 2010. Before that only gross output is recorded. Also, in late July 2009 I added array 3 so data before that is only the trackers and DC generation from the wind turbine, when it wasn't broken. After January 2010, Blue graph is total system output, (PV + wind). Red graph is Whisper 500 wind turbine output only.

Our Whisper 500 3.2 KW turbine was broken from 10/10/2009 to 2/21/10, when we installed warranty replacement parts. Now almost September 2010, this is the longest the turbine has ever worked continuously. If you're thinking of installing wind power, keep in mind during most of the year here in Missouri, our 3 KW turbine rarely generates over 100 watts. Our Missouri Wind 1400 watt 11 blade "low wind" turbine needs to be on top of the mountain instead of near the house.

So now here are the graphs of output from the beginning, December 2007. December 2007 through July 2009 off grid system, only array 1 and 2, (trackers) and turbine when it worked. July 2009 added array 3 and grid tied system. January 2010 reprogrammed Sunny Portal to show DC generation as red graph, (Whisper 500 wind turbine). Most of the gaps in data are due to glitches in Sunny Portal in Germany.

Here is a link to Yearly Production Graphs.


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