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We have been running the 15 HP sawmill and at times the 20 HP edger. We can turn on the three phase rotary converter with its 30 HP motor and everything works perfectly. So please understand...We are grid tied and make use of the amperage to start anything we need and the RE system replaces all power by turning the net meter backwards, off setting all usage with clean RE generation from thin air and sunlight. This is so incredible, and works so very well.

From March 25 2012 to April 25 2012 we have powered the sawmill and our home and have 803 KWH over generation. It seems the 8 new panels added into our existing strings in February '12', increasing voltage and wattage, really helped.

April 29, 6:38 am. While I am sitting here working on the website, the grid power failed. I knew it because there must have been a surge on the neutral and the power protection on the computer beeped and the RE system switched over to battery power. The lights blinked at the same time as the beep of the computer power strip. I checked the RE system operation through Webbox and confirmed we are running on batteries and the grid is off. 6:44 am, the system reconnected with grid. The grid power must have been off just for a moment. Large storms to the North.


Daily generation for April 2012. Blue is wind and solar. Red is wind only.

I ran the 4 KW furnace in the lumber kiln this month for one week in the electric billing cycle and one week in the May electric billing cycle. The lumber kiln uses 900-1,000 KWH per week and used up every extra KWH I had generated during the two month period.

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