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14 KW GRID TIED BATTERY BANK Hybrid Solar/Wind TRAINING AND EXPERIMENTATION FACILITY FOR Green Power in Missouri. We are a solar powered sawmill! We now have 11 KW solar power and 3 KW wind power FINALLY KAPUT!  Total generation so far; 57.0 MWh, with an M. This web site is meant to generate ideas, not instruct how to meet every demand of zoning, local codes, and neighbors.

The thrill of cooking organic bacon, farm eggs, Ezekiel toast and brewing fair trade Peruvian coffee on Green Solar Power was unexpected. Extreme Caution! Solar Power alters consciousness! "Changing Bosons to Fermions to power my home and business without carbon emissions."

SAWMILL PHOTO GALLERY See our electric Wood-Mizer sawmill     EARTHBILLY HOUSE TOUR

 Online Journal The day by day running and production of our Green Power Renewable Energy Plant.

Wind Turbine Link to photos of construction and installation. We invested $23,000 in 2007 to build a really nice 3 KW turbine, controller, and 96' tower. In six years it has made $600 value in electricity and it is worn out and finished. Kaput! On 11/17/2013. WIND PAGE 5

PV panels on Studio Roof The last component to bring our GREEN POWER GENERATION up to 9+KW!  I built and orientated our studio with Solar South in 1972, when I was 15 years old. Now the dream comes true.

Solar Hot Water  11/2010 I disconnected the solar hydronics after installing a Central Boiler 5036.

See how we fixed the built in ground fault in our stock Wattsun trackers to stop lightning damage.

This link will send you to our other installations  Now selling solar panels and inverters. Some conditions apply to get low pricing.

You may have heard the expression "Trackers are so expensive, it's cheaper to add more panels, however else mounted". Well I ask the question: EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT? And we plan a series of tests using our trackers. This array architecture's energy harvest mimics array tracking devices without the cost and maintenance of a tracker.

We upgraded our earlyiest arrays from MC-3 to MC-4 locked connectors.

The Mission of Project Earthbilly is to create a self powering, self regulating, living and working environment. Generating no noise or pollution, only POWER and COMFORT. And create a database that everyone can learn from to get the most from their investment. Contact us for design and instillation of a back yard renewable generator system for you in Missouri, Southern Illinois, or Northern Arkansas. It is vitally important that trained engineers and electrical contractors assist or perform your installations to meet local codes and safety regulations. We have qualified people ready to assist you if you live in our area. Buy your equipment from us and we will design your system.   1-573-546-7331          Company Profile




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